PROECT 3: Integration of imaging modalities with omics characterization

Test-Beds Involved: All


The deep cellular characterization underway within Thrust 1 will provide unprecedented level of information for cell manufacturing; however, the acquisition of multi-omics information in a practical sense will be challenging to reproduce in an industrial setting or for an individual research lab. Thus, there is a need for cost-effective, high-throughput technologies that serve as surrogate metrics to screen for CQAs.


Aim 1: Engineer a label-free, non-destructive, low cost imaging method to identify predictive measures of donor quality and cell potency that can be customized for all ERC test beds including adherent cells (e.g. MSCs or iPSCs) and non-adherent cells (e.g. CAR-T cells).

Aim 2: Develop an analytical pipeline for evaluating spatial metabolic heterogeneity within multicellular contexts by integrating MALDI data with confocal imaging that provides single cell positional information.