CMaT Overview

The goal of CMaT is to transform the production of cell-based therapeutics into a large-scale, low-cost, reproducible, and high-quality engineered manufacturing process for broad industry and clinical use. Specifially, three Engineered Systems (Test-Beds) are envisioned:

  • Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells (MSCs) to repair, regenerate, and restore diseased tissues and organs
  • T cell immunotherapies to cure cancer
  • Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived cardiac cells (iPSC-CM) to treat heart diseases

In each of these Test-Beds, CMaT will focus on three, synergistic technical innovation Thrusts: cell-omics for biomarker discovery (Thrust 1); rapid and reliable assessment of cell quality, i.e. potency and safety (Thrust 2); and process and systems engineering for scale-up or scale-out manufacturing (Thrust 3). 

CMaT Vision

CMaT’s overall research plan and its impact on industry and workforce is shown below. This strategic plan is structured around a broad stakeholder‐driven ecosystem with three inter‐dependent and convergent Thrusts, and three industry‐relevant Test‐Beds (Engineered Systems) that are integrated and cross‐cutting across all three Thrust areas. As shown, CMaT will have tremendous impact in strengthening the nascent industry.


CMaT 3 Plane Chart


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