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Spring 2022:

Erin is amazing. She keeps EWD team on track and is always there to help us and answer our questions. She is working so hard right now from organizing practice talks to updating annual reports and milestones document for the upcoming annual site visit. I cannot see us running smoothly without her. Thanks you so much. We really appreciate all the hard work you do.” - Shalu

Thank you Punya for all your hard work during the annual site visit. You were so organized and executed everything smoothly. Your hard work is very much appreciated.” - Shalu

Fall 2021:

Kudos to Erin Bryant!

Join us in congratulating our administrative director, Erin Bryant on receiving the 2021 ABOVE & BEYOND AWARDS  for her hard work, accomplishments, and dedication throughout 2021. Erin stepped into the role of Administrative Director for Cell Manufacturing Technologies (CMaT) at a critical time and provided leadership in navigating CMaT’s 2021 annual meeting and is now hard at work planning and preparing for the upcoming CMaT annual report and grant renewal site visit with the National Science Foundation. - Punya M.

Summer 2021:

Kudos to Shalu Suri!

“I wanted to give some kudos to Dr. Suri for her work leading a journal club for the REU students: Dr. Suri taught us REU students so much about reading research papers! She was patient with us when we didn't understand and helped us comprehend how scientific literature is analyzed. Every week in her journal club was a delight and I can't give her enough praise!" - Lin Ordelia

Kudos to Andrea, Erin, and Punya!

“Thank you for organizing another successful retreat!" - Krish Roy

Kudos to Manu Platt and Lakeita Servance!

“Manu and Lakeita did a great job at the kick-off session for the CMaT REU and REM programs on May 24!" - Agnes Padovani

Kudos to Shalu Suri!

“Shalu led an engaging Research Experience for Teachers program this summer that connected high school teachers from Georgia, Wisconsin and Puerto Rico to learn about cell manufacturing and develop new content for their classes." - Aaron Levine

Kudos to CMaT’s graduate student and post-doc mentors!

"Kudos to all of CMaT’s graduate student and post-doc mentors who are working hard this summer to provide meaningful virtual research experiences to so many research participants this summer." Aaron Levine

Developmental lineage of human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac fibroblasts affects their functional phenotype

CMaT Authors: Martha Floy, Oriane Matthys, Taylor Matekya, Jianhua Zhang, Todd McDevitt, Tim Kamp and Sean Palecek 


Spring 2021:

Kudos to Lacey Yee!

“Lacey is a team player and an integral part of CMaT. From updating milestones, to project reports to helping with recruiting and running our summer programs, I’m not sure what we ever did without her! Thanks Lacey for always lending a helping hand and keeping us on track. We appreciate you!” - Erin Bryant

Kudos to Gilad Doron!

"Gilad Doron took the lead in developing CMaT's first eSOP using the Cytiva Chronicle system and developed training material for both CMaT and the MSC testbed. He was also integral in designing the CMaT data organization strategy for testbeds, projects, and labs within Chronicle, as well as exploring system behaviors and capabilities that are critica for CMaT. Finally, Gilad participated in multiple video conferences with other Testbeds as well as with Chronicle to share his knowledge and experience. Gilad has demonstrated exceptional citizenship in engaging in these activities, outside of his area of study, to support the CMaT computational infrastructure effort and the broader CMaT community." - Tony Pan

Kudos to Chaitanya Tondepu! 

"Chaitanya is always responsive and has a positive attitude. Chaitanya chips in wherever needed and thinks about all trainees when planning activities and events. Chaitanya represents CMaT and the entire body of CMaT trainees when talking to NSF and Industry and we are lucky to have Chaitanya on our team!" - Andrea Soyland

Culture Substrates for Improved Manufacture of Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapies

CMaT Authors: Gilad Doron, Johnna Temenoff 

Integrating United States Biomanufacturing Across Vaccines and Therapeutics

CMaT Authors: Krish Roy, Krishanu Saha    

Rational, unbiased selection of reference genes for pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

CMaT Authors: Sean Palecek, Aaron Simmons

Kudos to Stephen Zambrzycki! 

"He is always a delight to work with. I worked with him last year on the newsletter for the CMaT SLC and he was always a supportive colleague, friend, and even mentor. He would give me great advice for my graduate career as well. He always has a great smile on his face and is a cheerful greeter, which always makes my day." - Chaitanya Tondepu 

Time-domain single photon-excited autofluorescence lifetime for label-free detection of T cell activation

New publication from Skala lab

Triboelectric Nanogenerator Ion Mobility–Mass Spectrometry for In-Depth Lipid Annotation

New publication from Fernandez lab