CMaT research experiences are available to students and teachers year round. There are many different opportunities available whether you are a student or teacher in a high school, technical college, or university.

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Summer Programs Spotlight

In Summer 2023, CMaT hosted its annual summer research training programs, consisting of the 10-week Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), 6-week Research Experience  Mentoring (REM), and 5-week Research Experience for Teachers (RET). The programs united diverse trainees and mentors from across the U.S. participating across CMaT partner institutions Georgia Tech, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, and the University of Georgia. In total, CMaT hosted 14 REU students, 7 REM participants (3 technical college students and 4 high school students), and 3 RET high-school teachers.
Prior to the start of the summer programs, D&I leadership held a center-wide mentor training session led by Dr. Agnes Padovani to improve the hands-on research experiences and to clarify mentor-mentee expectations. In addition to full-time research projects conducted in CMaT labs, trainees also participated in virtual professional development workshops across the four sites, virtual journal club, tours such as at CMaT industry partner Aruna Bio, and social activities. The summer culminated with our 6th Annual CMaT Virtual Symposium with research presentations from REU and REM trainees from across all partner institutions.
The success of these programs would not be possible without the dedication of our CMaT graduate student and postdoc mentors, and the faculty PIs that host our trainees. We look forward to continuing our programs in summer 2024. 

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