PROJECT 1: Variability assessment and omics characterization of CAR-T cells through an integrative computational pipeline

Test-Bed Involved: CAR-T Cells


CAR-T cells have quickly shown great potential to manipulate the immune system and regulatory agencies are starting to approve CAR-T cell therapies to treat diseases such as large B-cell lymphoma. However, understanding the variability of sample preparation and establishing quality measures that are predictive of potency, safety and consistency for manufacturing purposes are still challenging issues. Hence, the overall goal for this project is to develop a data-driven modeling pipeline for relating CAR-T cellular phenotype to multi-omics information.

Aim 1:  Collect measurements from a pilot study using CAR-T cells that will test and streamline the sample preparation protocols and file sharing protocols across CMaT.

Aim 2: Determine an appropriate computational strategy for merging omics data sets and perform preliminary analysis on a pilot study dataset.