PROJECT 5: Magnetoelastic Microcarriers for Real-Time Tracking of Cell Loading

Test-Beds Involved: ALL

This goal of this project is to develop a new sensor platform for longitudinal tracking of cell loading on individual microcarriers. This technology is based on embedding wireless sensors in microcarriers to measure attached mass. The sensors are made of magnetoelastic materials, which mechanically resonate when activated by magnetic AC fields and then generate secondary magnetic fields that can be remotely detected. When experiencing a mechanical force, these sensors shift their resonance frequencies, thus allowing direct measurement of mass loading such as that from cell attachment/growth on the microcarriers. The advantage of this technology is that it can provide longitudinal tracking of cell number on microcarriers throughout the whole bioreactor without interrupting the process, a function that no current technology can effectively perform. This technology, while still in its early development phase, is a revolutionary system for cell manufacturing that can further maximize the outputs and quality of many bioreactor designs, allowing standardization in the industry.

Aim 1: Develop magnetoelastic sensor arrays

Aim 2: Demonstrate measurement of cell number in a bioreactor