PROJECT 4: Development of real-time biosensors

Test-Bed Involved: CAR-T Cells

This project will result in sensors to examine cell growth and viability in a label-free and real-time manner.  Cost-effective, large-scale manufacturing (the overarching goal of CMaT) will not be possible without the ability to detect and consequently mitigate inconsistencies in cell growth between batches through real-time monitoring using technologies.

Aim 1. Integrate electrode cell counters to the microfluidic viability cell sorter for real-time viability assessment and enumeration.

Aim 2. Integrate the cell viability sensor into a cell culture system

Aim 3. Develop the flexible, wireless, distributed sensor array platform with high robustness that can be attached to scaffold or other complex geometries within the bioreactor.

Aim 4. Develop a data processing framework for fusion of data from multiple sources for calibration-free sensing.