PROJECT 2: Development of Novel Supply Chain and Process Modeling Algorithms,

Methods, and Tools for Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Distribution

Test-Bed Involved: CAR-T


In this project, we will develop two-level hierarchical supply chain models of autologous CAR-T cell therapy that serve as the basis for the development of strategies. We will assess patient perspectives on these novel therapies to inform model parameters and understand how cell manufacturing choices affect access to care.


Aim 1: Develop a simulation model of a single facility for the manufacture and quality assurance for any autologous cell therapy to support reliable, scalable manufacturing of high quality cells

Aim 2: Develop a simulation model for a network of facilities to minimize fulfillment time and fulfillment time variability

Aim 3: Assess patient and other stakeholder perspectives on CAR-T cell therapy to inform model parameters and incorporate equity considerations into CAR-T cell translation efforts

Aim 4: Develop an exemplar of the models for CAR-T cells to demonstrate the model’s capability of reducing total supply chain (manufacturing, QA, distribution) costs