PROJECT 5: Computational Infrastructure

Test-Beds Involved: All                           


Each of the CMaT Thrusts will be generating large amounts of heterogeneous data. In order to effectively use and share the data, we must develop a computational infrastructure that will enable efficient data sharing, robust and safe data storage that is HIIPA compliant and backed up, scalable computational nodes and software that can access the data, software and algorithm sharing tools, protocol site for CMaT members to develop and share protocols and eventually make them public, efficient team communication software, and shared electronic notebooks in collaboration with AWS.

Aim 1:  Establish a CMaT Slack channel.

Aim 2: Establish a CMaT GitHub account for efficient software development and sharing.

Aim 3: Establish a simple and sharable computing notebook that can be used by all CMaT members in collaboration with AWS.

Aim 4: Develop a protocol sharing area on the CMaT website or another more appropriate place.

Aim 5: Develop a common data storage system that is HIPPA compliant and fully backed up.

Aim 6:  Create a common computing cluster that can easily access the stored data and tools that will be common to CMaT members and partners in collaboration with AWS.