The CMaT Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research Excellence is a postdoctoral research and career development opportunity designed to recruit, train, and support exceptional postdoctoral fellows working in CMaT laboratories at the Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Georgia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez. The goal of this fellowship is to support promising scientists from underrepresented groups during their mentored postdoctoral training under the guidance of a CMaT faculty mentor. CMaT faculty members at any major partner institution are eligible to serve as the postdoctoral mentor. Co-mentorship by faculty within or across CMaT institutions is allowed and encouraged, especially if it fosters integration. 

We are excited to announce 2024's Postdoctoral Fellows: Luis Arrieta-Viana and Norh Asmare

Norh Asmare
Norh A.

Norh has worked as a Research Engineer at Georgia Institute of Technology since May of 2023. He is experienced  in digital signal processing, circuit design, software development, and developing novel technologies for biomedical sensing and analysis using nano- and micro-scale tech. 

Luis Arrieta-Viana

Luis is in the final stages of completing his doctoral studies in chemical engineering at UPRM, and his graduation is selected for May.